Our Mission


To provide the FRC client with Medication Assisted Treatment services using integrative systems and a holistic approach to recovering from Opioid Use Disorder. To assist in the removal of barriers by providing medication, education, encouragement,  support and resources in efforts to reverse and/ or lessen the adverse impact on the client, their family, the community and other interested parties, while introducing and restoring individuals to an improved way of living with a functional role in society.


FRC values are the foundational blocks where service and treatment philosophy are developed.  They are comprised of seven key fundamentals.  They are integrity, diversity, innovation, excellence, ongoing knowledge, client centered, and partnership and teamwork.

Integrity: FRC takes personal responsibility for making certain that all receive that highest standards of professional conduct when dealing with staff.

Diversity: FRC appreciates the unique differences of all individuals and recognize their unchanging rights to dignity, respect, fairness and equality.

Innovation: We are committed to being open to change, implementing ideas that will improve treatment services and outcomes

Excellence: FRC is committed to the delivery of service that is impeccable, productive and employs positive and desirable outcomes.

Ongoing Knowledge: FRC views change as an opportunity and embrace and seize the chance to acquire new skills for the betterment of our personal and professional growth.

Client Centered: FRC is committed to providing safe, informative, accessible and relevant service to our clients in the communities in which they reside, work and participate as consumers.

Partnership and Teamwork: FRC is committed to establishing and maintaining relationships with the treatment team, persons served their family, the community and all interested parties that exceed expectations. Additionally, we are committed to building and sustaining positive relationships and connections with others that have a mutual interest that result in establishing a partnership.

Person Centered Philosophy

FRC offers an individualized Opioid Maintenance Treatment approach that is inclusive of the persons served, their family, support systems, community partners and other agencies.
Focus Recovery Center recognizes that the Opiate Use Disorder is a chronic and progressive disease and if left untreated it can be potentially fatal. This disease impacts various areas of the persons served life. The individual with an Opiate Use Disorder may require various forms of treatment throughout their process one of which may include Medication Assisted Treatment.
With full awareness of the negative impact that the Opiate Use Disorder has on the individual, the individual’s family and the community, it is Focus Recovery Center’s goal to educate and stabilize the client and enhance the community through the client stability and partnership. Focus Recovery Center recognizes that individuals may benefit from short and/ or long term Medication Assisted Treatment/ Maintenance.
Behavioral changes are necessary in those recovering from Opioid Use Disorder. These changes may very well occur in stages. Our goal is to assist in the removal of barriers and promote client wellness in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, family and legal stability. In turn this should produce a reduction in criminal activity, overdose and relapse rates and an increase of self awareness, positive treatment outcomes and improved community and family relationships. FRC has adopted values to expedite a quality of treatment services and expectations for all involved.